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Is New Vegas Stadium Waste of Money?

Interesting news that came across our desk this morning via a press release. A recent poll of Nevada voters shows an overwhelming majority support publicly funding the plan to modernize, renovate and expand the Las Vegas Convention Center, a proven generator of jobs and economic development. However, they oppose using taxpayer dollars to pay for the construction of an NFL-size stadium, according to the survey results from Global Strategy Group. Among the poll’s key findings:

•2/3 of Nevada Voters Support Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion Plan
•Nevadans would rather see room tax revenues devoted to the convention center plan by a 13-point margin (51% convention center/38% stadium).
•57% of Nevadans believe the convention center expansion has “clear public benefits,” compared to just 25% who say the same about the stadium proposal
•63% View Convention Center Plan as a “Safe Investment” of Taxpayer Funds

The results are consistent across the state, but likely voters in Clark County particularly support using revenue from the Room Tax to support the long-planned convention center expansion. See the attached polling memo for more details.

The convention center expansion is a $1.4 billion investment in an industry that is already a proven success for Nevada. In addition to 67 percent of Nevada voters, the expansion has the support of elected leaders, the gaming industry and labor because it strengthens an industry that is already working for Nevadans and will put more Nevadans to work. The proposed stadium would divert money from the convention center expansion and funnel it into the construction of a sports stadium. While the convention center expansion would benefit every operator on the Strip, the proposed stadium would disproportionately benefit a single company.

The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee will meet Thursday to discuss the competing proposals as it prepares to render a recommendation to Governor Sandoval in July.

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