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Vegas Mexican Restaurant That Supported Trump Goes Out of Business

In the least surprising news of the year, the Las Vegas Mexican restaurant that made headlines when the owner, Texas-born Irma Aguirre invited Donald Trump, has closed without notice or fanfare.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, met with her and a few leaders at Aguirre’s downtown Las Vegas bistro in 2016 afternoon while dozens of immigration activists protested across the street – and the customers never came back. The local mexican community had protested the restaurant and the owner as being racist, and questioned her claim of “hispanic heritage.”

She blamed the Las Vegas Mexican community for her problems, even going on the news to complain that “Mexicans were violently” harassing her.  Probably not the best idea when you’re trying to promote a Mexican restaurant, to offend the community you’re “representing.”

Texan Irma blames Mexicans for her failed Mexican Restaurant.

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