Former Shade Tree Worker Holds Hostage and Rapes Woman Staying at Shelter

A worker Otis Tanner, 43 a former worker associated with Shade Tree , with a significant criminal history, kidnapped and raped a woman staying at the shelter.

According to the report, when the woman was removed from the Shelter, and then was told by the employee that she could stay at his house.

When she arrived, she was held hostage and forced to perform sexual acts on the worker – and was told she would be forced into prostitution.  She escaped the situation and ran back the shelter, where she informed employed what had happened and charges were filed.

Las Vegas Metro has confirmed he has been arrested, and released on $100,000 bond.

Shade Tree Released the Following Statement:

A previous resident of The Shade Tree disclosed to shelter staff in July of 2018 that she had been sexually assaulted at a location outside of The Shade Tree property. Immediately, staff sent the resident for medical attention and worked closely and cooperatively with authorities as they began their investigation.

The Shade Tree previously worked with an agency, ReEmployAbility, that places workers in light-duty positions at various non-profits in Las Vegas while they are recovering from workplace injuries.

The suspect had been placed by ReEmployAbility at The Shade Tree and worked for 25 hours over the course of three days in July 2018. He was not a volunteer at The Shade Tree. The assault did not take place on The Shade Tree property.

Upon learning of the assault, The Shade Tree severed all ties with ReEmployAbility and ceased all relationships with worker placement agencies, a policy still in effect now and moving forward.

Those who wish to volunteer at The Shade Tree are required to go through an extensive screening process that includes passing background checks, attending in-depth training and orientation before being allowed to volunteer at the shelter.

The alleged victim is no longer a resident of The Shade Tree and left the shelter in August, 2018. The Shade Tree will continue to cooperate with authorities as needed.
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