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WARNING: Synthetic Marijuana Killing People

Doctors are warning about the dangers of potent vaping liquids made of synthetic marijuana.

They’re legal to buy if you’re 18 years old. But in recent months, teens vaping the additive in school were rushed to the emergency room.

Health officials warn vaping and e-cigarette use among teens, even middle schoolers, has become an epidemic. One study says teen vaping jumped 75 percent this year — and a growing number of teens are using vape devices to get high.

Authorities say some vaping liquid additives contain synthetic marijuana, many times stronger and more dangerous than real pot.

“These compounds are the same ones they used on synthetic pot almost a decade ago,” said Georgia Poison Center Director Dr. Gaylord Lopez.

Synthetic pot is not the same as all-natural marijuana. Often referred to as Spice or K2, this synthetic form of weed does not have the same side effects as marijuana, but it does have compounds that are chemically similar, known as synthetic cannabinoids.

There are many different varieties of synthetic weed, all of which may contain different ingredients that cause different side effects not typically felt with the real stuff. Many users of fake weed report feeling nauseous, agitated, and paranoid. Reports also say users have experienced chest pain, cardiac problems, stroke, kidney damage, brain damage, hallucination, and even death on occasion.

The fire department in Washington, D.C., has responded to more than 500 overdoses in just the last 2 weeks.

Here in Southern Nevada, leaders at Westcare have been sounding the alarm about the drug for years.

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    Synthetic THC is called Marinol, a prescription drug available at your local pharmacy.

    The inaccurate designation “synthetic marijuana” regarding products like “K2” or “Spice” is the product of prohibitionists deliberately mis-associating cannabis with a non related toxic substance.

    The products featured is this article contain random plant material sprayed with intoxicating toxic chemicals designed to fly under legal drug testing radar. They are not, and never have been cannabis. These synthetic smokable intoxicants are more fruit of the poison tree of cannabis prohibition!

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