Vegas Egyptian Restaurant Goes Vegan

Today, Las Vegas restaurant POTs—the only Egyptian eatery in the area—is switching to an all-vegan menu.

The restaurant, known for its Egyptian street food such as Koshari, Cauliflower Shawarma, and sweet Konafa Cups, opened eight months ago as a vegetarian restaurant but moved to eliminate the handful of dairy-based ingredients used in some dishes after feedback from the local vegan community. To go vegan, owner Iman Haggag replaced the tzatziki, labneh, and dairy milk options with vegan alternatives.

To test the new dairy-free options, Haggag hosted tasting events with astounding success.

“The overwhelming love and support from the vegan community here in Vegas made me feel that I should support this movement as much as I can,” Haggag said.

“The best way to do that was to make the switch and fully support a great way of living, and to present authentic flavor to the vegan community of Las Vegas.” The growing vegan scene in Las Vegas now includes more than 20 vegan restaurants, including a vegan hot dog cart, an all-vegan bar, and a vegan smoked barbeque restaurant.

Iman Haggag, owner of the popular spot, credits the local vegan community for a nudge to change the restaurant to all vegan. Although it was always the plan to go vegan, Hadid wasn’t sure how to replace items like the tzatiki … so she held PoP events to test the waters with astounding success.

POTS and Haggag have been featured internationally on LIVEKINDLY and highlighted as one of Las Vegas’s hidden vegan gems. The move to vegan helps elevate the Las Vegas vegan restaurant and the Las Vegas vegan dining scene even more.

They are located at 1745 S Rainbow Blvd suite a, Las Vegas, NV 89146 and online at
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