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OJ Simpson Violates Parole Again with Drunk Night in Vegas

OJ Simpson has violated his Parole again with a public drunk display at a local bar that caught the attention of more than a few locals. According to insiders, he was drinking at the Grape Street Wine Bar, and people were lined up to buy him drinks. He got so drunk that he had to wander into the bathroom to throw up. The conditions of Juice’s parole allow him to “consume alcoholic beverages but not to excess.” O.J. will occasionally be tested for it, but if his BAC is under .08   there’s no issue.

So why isn’t he being violated? Because the Department of Parole and Probation in Nevada is closed on the weekend, and he’s not doing tests on Saturday or Sunday. So he’s being photographed completely drunk, but 72 hours later he’s “in the clear.”

One witness, is the former manager of Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, and a restaurant in Downtown Summerlin, Darren Levaton. He was at the bar when OJ Simpson was drunk. According to him, “t was really pathetic to see a group lining up to buy OJ drinks to the point he could barely walk.”

Levaton continued that he was so drunk, that “he almost fell into me going to the bathroom and then almost fell down leaving. At least he left his car and Ubered it home.”

Patrons upset that OJ Simpson was allowed there, drunk, started tweeting on Twitter including famed Blogger Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas.

Not everyone was upset he was there, but no one wanted to talk to me on record. Most just called me a “liar” and threatened to sue me.

Michael D Burgess, who is in one of the photos with OJ, said he was angry that the photo was up as it the “intention is to do me financial harm.”  He seemed to be an employee and perhaps manager of the restaurant, but wouldn’t identify himself and said he wasn’t commenting on OJ.

This isn’t the first time OJ has been in trouble in Vegas. He was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan after also being drunk and causing a disturbance. 

Since Parole and Probation was closed, I posted on Twitter to them and they responded:

You can read and leave reviews of the bar he was at here.

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