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New Neo-Nazi Band Launched by Banned Cody Elliott aka Cody Laveau

The Elliotts in their Goth Stage

After being exposed as a card carrying Neo-Nazi and lover of all things Hitler, the lead singer of Desire the Fire Cody Elliott has changed his name (again), and is attempting to launch a new metal band in the Vegas area after being banned from every single venue. Now, the former Cody Elliot, is Cody Laveau, with a new hairdo and look.

This came after last year when Cody Elliot’s wife, Kayla, started on a tirade on Facebook, attacking everyone from chubby women to black folks, and then making it clear in numerous posts she was also, like her husband, was a huge Neo-Nazi. The band initially defended her, saying that it was her “right” to express racist feelings, and then claimed her account was hacked.

Afterwards photos of the two with Nazi Memorabilia and saluting Nazi flags showed up on Facebook.

Criminal records from LVMPD and the courts show that Cody Elliot aka Cody Laveau has had numerous arrests in Vegas and has been charged with everything from assaulting women to harassing tourists on the strip “while dressed up as a member of the KISS band.” This stuff you can’t make up.

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