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Anti-Christian GOP Candidate Brent Jones Accused of Forcing Employee to Participate in Cult

Brent Jones, a Republican running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevsada and mainly known for his Real Water brand is in hotter water today after another employee of his company accused him of not only being extremely anti-Christian but also forcing employees to watch videos related to a cult that Jones says he is a member of.

In 2016, Grecia Echevarria-Hernandez, 27, filed the employment discrimination lawsuit against against Jones and his Real Waterr The complaint alleges that her employers made her watch videos with “religious undertones” from Scientology. She says as a Christian, her religion was attacked and for her to receive raises she was forced to watch videos about the Scientology Cult.

Because Echevarria-Hernandez told her employers she was Christian, and refused to watch the videos, she was never eligible for a promotion or raise, she claims. She said that other employees who were anti-Christian were harassing her.

Now Jones’ campaign manager Jeramy Edgel is accusing him of the same thing. According to the Nevada Independent, while working for Jones, he was forced to attend cult-meetings including a “boot camp” and forced Edgel to “essentially required those closest to him to embrace his religious beliefs.” Included in this was a special cult-ceramony called a “Purifcation Rundown” that is been called by medical experts not only a fraud, but dangerous.

Jones claims there is religious freedom in the Company, and that the Scientology videos are not “religious” in nature. However, Scientology is banned as a religious cult in many Countries including Germany, Sweden and Russia.

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