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Cult Leader Aimee Jones Running in Nevada as Republican

Nevada politician and Scientologist Brent Jones, who served a single term as a state assemblyman, has been sued for anti-christian ideology while promoting Scientology in his business to employees. His wife and co-owner of his magic water company, Aimee Jones, is also running for office, hoping to win the Assembly seat that her husband held until he was defeated in the 2016 election.

Jones told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2010 that he discovered Scientology about 17 years earlier, when he was living in Ventura County, California, and working as a successful, but unhappy, attorney.

According to the Scientology cults website, it  listed that she had completed the “L11 New Life Rundown” — a very expensive auditing level only performed at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, which would have run Aimee about $24,000. Brent also has the L11 experience under his belt, according to Scientology’s own publications. O

nly very involved Scientologists have the chance to experience something like the L11 rundown, our experts told us and are considered “leaders” in the movement. A Christian employee of the Joneses, Grecia Echevarria-Hernandez, filed the employment discrimination lawsuit April 26 of 2016 against Inc., the parent company for the Real Water brand. The complaint alleges that her employers made her watch cult videos about Scientology.

Author, Janis Gillham Grady talks about their scientology connection:  A fun story to tell – we have some mutual friends who have a second home out of state. Brent and Aimee had planned to visit with them but had to make sure it was during a time that Paul and I were not there as we are “SPs”. It was worked out that the Joneses would leave town the day Paul and I were to arrive. We arrived in time for dinner – the Joneses thought they were having dinner with our mutual friends, not knowing we were arriving in time for dinner. Of course when the Brent and Aimee found out dinner included the Gradys, they could no longer join our mutual friends for dinner! Well, it just so happens there is only one real restaurant in this little town we were visiting – so what did the Joneses do to avoid Paul and me, they called in their food order and while the mutual friends, Paul, and I were enjoying a nice sit down meal, they sent their teenage son in to pick up their food in order to avoid bumping into us!

 David Schoen is running against Jones in the Republican Primary.


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