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Wynn’s Problem’s Just Starting: More Rape Allegations Coming Against Other Executives

When I had spoken to the NYC Wynn’s PR team a few months ago about rumors I was hearing about Steve Wynn being taken down with accusations, they ignored me completely and dismissed my questions completely. They also ignored any emails about another investigation into Wynn that may soon make the papers.

According to a former executive at Wynn who managed the clubs there was started an investigation into several long-time employees of the clubs for not only not reporting sexual assault of patrons, but also engaging in drugging and raping club goers.

My source also claims, one of the people involved was able to keep it out of the papers and the papers because their fiancé was an employee of the Wynn public relations office locally, and would screen all calls regarding this.

Additionally, the source says that Wynn Clubs had made a large payment to a rumor-site that covers Las Vegas and other locations to remove posts and accusations against the employee that were posted by more than one customers of Wynn. I personally confirmed that several posts about an employee of the Wynn with the initials of “WC” was indeed taken down by the website in questions, after dozens of people commented about similar experiences.

If this is correct, not only is this terrible PR for Wynn Resorts, but it’s potentially criminal in nature and means that high level executives at the company had been hiding potential crimes in order to protect the reputation of the property.

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