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OJ Simpson Claims Las Vegas Casino Banned Him Because He is Black

O.J. Simpson, criminal and former bad actor, says he may sue the  Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas for $100 million because he was banned from the casino — and claims they were racist for kicking him out, not because he’s a convicted criminal.

He claims the Cosmopolitan staff “acted with malice and racial prejudice” because he kicked out of the hotel’s Clique Bar this past November after allegedly getting drunk and disruptive, and because of that, broke state law and federal discrimination laws.

Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm P. LaVergne didn’t cause a scene as claimed by the press, but instead had left the Cosmopolitan property peacefully after being asked.

However, for whatever reason, the attorney claims the Casino lied to the press and created a false narrative that he ” was drunk, became disruptive at the Clique bar, was angry at hotel staff and glasses were broken at the bar,” in a bid to negatively impact terms of his parole.

The attorney did not mention how, the man found liable for killing his wife’s lover, was damaged by being removed and banned by the Casino.


Fox5 Reports:

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