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Is Westgate Casino Illegally Microwaving Guests?

Guests of the Westgate Las Vegas may be in for a surprise, after it’s been learned that they have installed a new microwave device for detecting guns. The resort rolled out the security feature without telling guests that they are being subject to potentially dangerous microwaves being emitted from the walls.

This device called Patscan Cognitive is a new system that is being tested that uses microwaves to scan people and look for possible guns by radiating guest’s bodies without their permission. The device which is new has never been used before in large areas and is not approved by the FDA currently, raising questions if the technology is safe and legal.

Even if safe, there are many issues with privacy including the fact that guests are not aware of the devices being used.

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  1. Are consumers aware of told that they may be subject to a massacre attack by a gunman when they’re entering any public area ? We’re consumers told by Volkswagen that emissions by cars were in fact 50 X higher than reported? Does McDonald’s warn you before you bite into a burger ? Are you warned before you pour a glass of water from your tap ?

    Your a complete idiot and haven’t done any research at all. People like you are a disgrace.

    Lastly – I’ve done my DD. There are no pictures taken of anyone unless a weapon is detected. But, we should let these people into the property – walk into your room and pull trigger into your head – dead. Because that is much safer and secure and your privacy is protected right ? The moment you book your room – your privacy is gone. The moment you landed is Vegas your privacy is gone the moment you use your credit card or cellphone – your privacy is gone.

    Good luck in your venture to assure people die by guns. Ass hole!

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