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New Turf Being Added to Iconic Vegas Sign

Work began Monday to replace the turf surrounding the world-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” landmark.

The project on Las Vegas Boulevard just south of Russell Road was scheduled to take place by the end of the year. Extra wear and tear occurred while the Las Vegas mass shooting memorial was at the site. The 58 crosses for the victims were taken to the Clark County Museum on Nov. 12.

“The turf that’s being replaced at the base of the sign … there were a lot of candles and other things there (from the shooting memorial) that left marks,” Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said. “So, it was already planned, but it just worked out.”

An 1,850-square-foot section of turf is being replaced. A concrete curb border around the sign is being installed.

“Up until now it was a wood border that was partially in the ground to keep the turf in place,” Kulin said. “It’s similar to the curb around the island of turf behind it.”

The total cost for the turf replacement and curb addition is about $18,000.

The island of turf behind the sign, where the 58 crosses were displayed, is not being replaced.

Work is scheduled to wrap up by Wednesday night. Visitors can still take photos with the sign during the project, but they will not be able to stand on the area where the turf is being replaced.

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