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Mayweather Working Full Time as Strip Club Owner

Floyd Mayweather isn’t exactly short of things to do. Now that he’s not an active boxer anymore.

After retiring from the sport 50-0 following a boxing match against Conor McGregor last August, Mayweather is understood to be involved in a number of investments and businesses, ranging from cryptocurrency to a plan to open up a worldwide chain of his boxing gyms.

As things stand though, the only boxing gym that currently Mayweather owns and uses at least (to the best of this writer’s knowledge) is the famous Mayweather Boxing Club located in Las Vegas.

Mayweather has also mentioned he’d like to get involved in training fighters one day and is still closely tied to the sport via his promotional company Mayweather Promotions – that has a number of well known fighters on its books in the States and internationally.

But it’s the strip club business that Mayweather has been relentlessly pushing as of late on his social media profiles. In fact, despite the strip club being somewhat slow compared to other businesses, it seems Mayweather has been there often daily, trying to drum up business.

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