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Wolfgang Puck to Open Spago at Bellagio, Todd English Olives Out

Perhaps one of the most famous restaurants in Las Vegas is moving from Caesars to the Bellagio. According to reports, Spago is taking over the currently very old and failing Olives by Todd English.

“The reason why we want to open Spago at the Bellagio is really because the Bellagio has our customer,’ said Puck. “25 years ago when we opened in the forum, that was the place to be. A lot has changed since then.”

“The synergy of having the right customer in the right place is better at Bellagio,” said Puck. “We might keep the [Caesar’s] Spago until the new one opens, or turn it into a smaller, less expensive version.”

Olives, once the center of the Todd English empire, has been considered old and on its way out for several years.

Al Mancini of the LVRJ Notes that the exact dates of Olives being removed isn’t known but will be probably this winter.

“Puck is credited with helping establish Las Vegas as a serious dining destination with Spago, which opened at the Forum Shops in 1992. Over a quarter century, as celebrated chefs from around the world began setting up shop on the Strip, it remained a favorite of both tourists and locals. While nothing is official, word is that Puck may retain the original space to develop as a new concept,” wrote Mancini.

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