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Drai’s and Chris Brown Bring More Violence to Strip and Cromwell

The Cromwell casino and Drai’s Nightclub were evacuated after a large fight occurred at the casino when thugs invaded it after the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight.

Police flooded the Casino looking for the perps and blocked the entire section of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road with dozens of police cars and officers.


The fight occurred during during the Chris Brown “Fight Weekend” weekend. Police later confirmed that no shots were fired, but  after fight broke out  statues were pushed over causing people to report gun fire.

Drai’s nightclub has been heavily criticized for attracting a criminal element by inviting some of the most notorious “ganster rappers” to both attend and put on parties at the club. More recently, his choice to bring Chris Brown, who is most known for his beating of women, was questioned by many.

This has turned the Cromwell from a “boutique” hotel into one of the more dangerous strip casinos in Las Vegas.

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