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Another American Cuisine Restaurant to Open in Tivoli

The last five restaurants that tried to promote themselves as “american Cuisine” in Tivoli bombed famously (along with half dozen others)–including the two concept restaurants of Alex Stratta shuttering in two years. One would assume that perhaps the locals of Las Vegas, or at least the restaurant investors have learned that Tivoli isn’t really the place for these type of restaurants, and that the only thing that really can make it there is chains and bars.

However, number six is on it’s way: Hamptons, a new idea to open this September, claims they will provide “new American cuisine.” They are taking over the space where Tapas by Alex Stratta, Angelo Sosa’s Poppy Den and Petra Greek Tavern all failed monumentally in the last half-decade.

How will the succeed? Well, first of all, they are doing “new” American cuisine which means absolutely nothing whatsoever anymore, and they want to make it clear they will have “high quality dishes” with a “creative bar program.” If you don’t have the proper bullshit terms, how else can you open a restaurant, right?

Well, with dishes that are advertised to come straight out of cocaine induced White Party in Long Island, guests are expected to dine on everything from Chili Pork Stew to Short Rib Sandwiches. Mac and Cheese, Chicken and Biscuits round out the lunch menu. For dinner you have steak,  Short Ribs and Prime Ribs and probably, most likely, baby back ribs at some point.

Here’s the problem: Most of these dishes in one way or another, you can get in already established restaurants in the area. Echo and Rig already has, hands down the best steak and meat selection. Just a few blocks away is Cheesecake factory, albeit a chain, that has all these “American” dishes that seem to satisfy the palettes of the locals more than enough, as it’s always packed. Why would another “American Cuisine” concept fare any better?

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