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Video: Transgender Woman Abused by MGM Staff for using Women’s Bathroom

This is seriously screwed up: A transgender woman was kicked out of the women’s bathroom by MGM staff outside the Cirque DuSoleil show, Zumanity. At first people thought it was the actual staff of the show, but turns out to be employees according to bystanders of MGM and the New York-New York Hotel

According to her video, staff of the hotel actually physically blocked her from going into a restroom, despite using it before:

“Apparently someone complained about my appearance that first time, and the second time staff were waiting to intercept me and block me. They surrounded me and told me I was a man and needed to use the men’s room. I explained calmly that I was a transgender woman, 7 months on hormones, and didn’t belong in the men’s room.”

The first manager was unbelievable. He said things like “well just look at you, look at what you’re wearing,” (sadly not on tape). My girlfriends were so supportive – they were right there alongside me saying things like “but what did she do besides exist? She just peed, is it so bad?” and “I could have a dick, how do you know I don’t? You wanna check my ID too?”

MGM Resorts wrote: MGM Resorts International strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for our LGBTQ guests. Under our policy, guests who are transgender may use the restroom of the gender they associate with. If you were not allowed access to the restroom of your choice, we would very much like an opportunity to address this matter with you directly. Inclusion is a bedrock value of MGM Resorts and we welcome the opportunity to make this right.

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