Vegas Doctor Jorge Burgo Only Gets Week in Jail for Molesting Seven Patients

In what many in Las Vegas are calling a travesty of justice, a Las Vegas doctor, Jorge Burgo who plead guilty to molesting his patents, recieved only three years probation and seven days in local jail, one for each of his victims.

Judge Richard Scotti,

Clark County District Judge Richard Scotti was heavily criticized for his decision, even though he told the doctor to “reflect, each day, about what you did to each of these women.” The judge also agreed that Burgo would only have to serve the sentence over the weekends, so that he could continue to touch patents.

Many defendants in the Court Room expressed disbelief that the doctor was getting less time than most defendants in minor charges. In one case, he lifted a patents shirts, and started sucking on her breasts during an exam, and was curious why the patent was offended by the act.

He will have to register as sex offender, which is some consolation to his victims. He had faced 16 counts total, but only was sentenced to 3 of them as part of the plea agreement.

Defense claimed that the doctor faced “great shame” over his actions, and claimed that despite doing it many, many times, it was not in his normal character.

After the sentence, he went outside and groped co-workers in celebration outside the courthouse.

Despite the conviction and the Sex Offender registration, the Doctor is still in business and free to continue to touch patents.

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