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Tripe George Giving Away 96oz Porterhouse to Three Georges

f you think spotting three Georges around the same public dinner table would be a mirage, then the sight of three families, each with three generations of George, breaking bread together at the same restaurant, in the same week, might as well be called Sasquatch; but that’s exactly what happened during anniversary month at the Triple George Grill at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino.

While the Triple George Grill continues to reward all single and double Georges with appetizers and whiskey for its 12th anniversary “Cheers to George” campaign through the month of July, the elusive “Triple George” (that’s three Georges feasting as one) had proven to be as mythical as the 96 oz. porterhouse steak that would be awarded to such a fortuitous table of three.
But then…

The iconic Downtown Las Vegas eatery hit the jackpot by landing the once fabled “George-fecta,” family style, THREE TIMES and welcomed nine Georges from three generations, and three different bloodlines in the same week. Each family was presented with their king’s ransom, a 96 oz. porterhouse for the table, and smiled big for a photo opportunity with the Triple George staff and their newly inherited spoils of namesake. Yes! That’s three families, 300 years of Georges, and eighteen pounds of steak IN ONE WEEK!

The Triple George Grill kicked off its 12th anniversary celebration on July 12th with 144 hours of happy hour for all patrons through July 23rd. Daily specials ranged from discounted drinks, appetizers, prizes, and give-a-ways for everyone at the counter bar during this memorable 12-day run.
This month-long toast to a Downtown Las Vegas classic forges ahead forges ahead with its “Cheers to George” campaign and will continue to celebrate all those men (and women) lucky enough to be named George with the following specials through July 31st:

Single George: Complimentary appetizer with meal
Double George: Complimentary whiskey flight and dessert with meal
Triple George: Complimentary 96 oz. porterhouse steak for the table

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