Teacher Arrested for Soliciting Student for Sex had Criminal Record

Using Snapchat, a teacher of the Clark County School District, Garic Andrew Wharton II solicited sex from a 16 year old student, even asking her if she could be trusted because he knew he would get in trouble.

The girl had reported the contact by “Mr.G,” after he had approached the girl in school expressing interest in her sexually, asking for her name — and then looked her up on Snapchat. He then propositioned her sexually, saying he was going to teach her sexual acts and that they needed to hookup.

Despite claiming to do extensive background checks on teachers, PaceVegas learned that the teacher in question had a criminal record including two arrests for Drunk Driving, one in 2010 and another in 2015. While it is not known if those are nromally disqualifying offenses, arrests like this usually show a lack of trustworthiness and should have alerted CCSD to issues.


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