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Henderson’s Standard and Pour Closes Suddenly

John Curtas, recently most known for being “that White Guy” in Chapter 3 of  Momofoku saga, announced on early Sunday afternoon that Standard and Pour Kitchen and Bar was closing suddenly, having been open less than a year.

Kerry Simon’s last project, a creative twist on the Gastropub, seemingly was doing very well in the space formerly occupied by Firefly (closed for almost killing people).  The “Gastro-lounge” was a partnership between Titan Brands and Simon Hospitality Group, and had been seen doing immensely well in the space and was rumored to had been expanding.

In fact, in a conversation earlier this month, Cory Harwell had told me that they were looking into buying the spaces around the restaurant to expand, as they were doing that well. So this comes as a big surprise to myself, and obviously others. My mistake! the conversation was about another restaurant

While Simon Hospitality Group did confirm the news of closing as of Sunday night, they said there was no statement beyond that on the reason for the sudden closing.

The restaurant had received amazing reviews, but John Curtas had noted in his initial review that the restaurant might not match the “Hendertucky” palette. He had pointed that the r restaurant probably had done everything right, but was “Henderson ready for a cool and cozy patio? A second floor walk-up restaurant that’s spent real money on a groovy bar, with-it decor, and foodie-friendly accoutrements: craft beers, bespoke cocktails, aged-this and smoked-that?”

Even with almost everyone who was someone in the culinary industry praising it, the venture didn’t work out — raising questions if no one reads your reviews, then what good are they?  Is Henderson really a culinary wasteland that close to the Center of Las Vegas?

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  1. My daughter’s comment on her initial and last experience at Standard & Pour reflected a lack of menu items when she and her girlfriend attempted to statisfy their foodie experience. Oh! we’re out of that, no, sorry don’t have that either…

  2. I am surprised it closed since it seemed to be doing so well. And, I’m sorry but I wouldn’t call that area Hendertucky!!

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