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Easter Seals Employee Quincy Starks Accused of Indecent Proposal with 14 Year old Girl

Accusations have been levied against an employee of Easter Seals who regularly deals with children, that he was inappropriately flirting with an underage girl of fourteen years old. In screenshots provided to PaceVegas by concerned parents, they show an adult male under the name of Quincy Starks, who claims to work for Easter Seals Nevada.

In the screenshots the adult, Quincy Starks attempts to have a conversation with the under age girl, and among other things, tells her to “come put me to bed,” and “I see the way yu (sic) be looking at me,” and claims the he almost “said something inappropriate.” In another message he tells the 14 year old that she is “hella thick”


The parents reportedly found the messages that were written last year only recently, and confronted the family. The wife of the man, a Taylor Briaun Starks defended his actions, asking that everyone stop talking about the possible solicitation and deal with it privately.

Easter Seals Nevada has not returned my calls during after hours, but told a parent who called, that they were “aware of the situation, and dealing with it.”

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