Why Should You Vote for Bob Beers?

I have followed Bob Beers’ career in politics for many years. I most admired his stance against the proposed publicly funded soccer stadium, which by most accounts would be a money-losing disaster. Bob not only spoke out against the stadium, but he spent his weekends collecting petition signatures against the stadium.

Bob is a CPA by trade. I admire his accounting background and feel that benefits me as a constituent ant taxpayer.

His opponent, Steve Seroka, is funded largely by a few attorneys who own homes at Queensridge. Those homeowners are upset because there is a closed golf course that is going to be developed into homesites. All purchasers knew, when they purchased, that this land could be developed, and now it finally is, and they are upset about it. Seroka and his supporters would rather the city buy the golf course for hundreds of millions of dollars – of my tax money. No way.

Steve Seroka has a long, honorable military career. I support our military, and am grateful for his service. However, for this position, I feel a CPA is preferable to military experience.

Finally, Bob Beers and Steve Seroka both advertise heavily on social media. When I challenged Seroka by commenting on one of his ads, he (or his team) responded by blocking me. Bob Beers, on the other hand, allows detractors to comment, and Bob will even give out his cell phone and invite the voters to call him to discuss their concerns.

Which politician do you prefer? One who blocks you for challenging him, or one who invites debate and wants to win you over?

Please note that I do not work for or represent the Beers campaign. I am simply a voter and a homeowner who has lived in the district where he is running for 20 years. I am proud to vote for him!



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