Planet Hollywood Sued for Scary Mannequin, saying caused Permanent Sexual Issues

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

A Las Vegas Tourists is suing Planet Hollywood, claiming that a “scary mannequin” in his hotel room caused him to flee the room in fear and hurt himself.

Kent Jacobs Boutwell, who was visiting from Southern California, is seeking “at least $10,000” of damages from the Hotel, saying he had a “really big booboo.”

The lawsuit claims that when he entered the room, he saw the mannequin, was shocked, tried to “escape the dark room” thinking there was someone there to hurt himself, and ended up running into the wall and other stuff in the room out of fear.

Despite the mannequin being in a glass cabinet and wearing a Miller Lite racing suit, he was fearful enough to cause injuries to body, organs, mind, and nervous system, and can no longer function normally and have sexual relations.

Caesars said they would not comment on pending litigation, or Mr. Boutwell’s dysfunction.

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