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Hyde Nightclub host rape trial starts, Defense claims women wanted it.

Imagine going to a top Vegas club, expecting the staff there to at least partially protect you from the scumbags that might try to assault you – only to find out that one of the people hosting at the club is a possible rapist.

That’s what happened, according to prosecutors, to a 25 year old woman who went to the Hyde nightclub at the Bellagio, in 2014 and found herself allegedly drugged and raped by an almost 50-year old host with the club, one Frederick Richards.

According to his attorney, part of his business was going home with women every night, despite working with the club. This case was no different, because the woman, despite being drunk and a little loopy, wanted to go home with a man twice her age.

The case however gets trickier: after a DNA test, it was found that there was a match on at least two other cases out of Los Angeles, for a previously unknown assailant, which turns out also to be Richards.

Richard remembers those other two women, and despite not even turning himself in, claims they also were willing participants, and he is not a rapist.

He’s still in jail on $5 million bond, and not getting out anytime soon unless found not-guilty.

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