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Chumlee of Pawns Stars is Opening (A very delayed) Candy Store

Austin Lee Russell, also known as “Chumlee” from the reality TV show Pawn Stars has announced his new idea: He’s going to open his own Candy Shop.

Before you think he’s selling something else, after his infamous arrest for drug possession, “candy” really means candy, and nothing else.

Named “Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard,” has had it’s opening pushed back now twice, from May 4th, to May 12th to now, seemingly sometime next week.


There’s no word on whether Chumlee’s new store will be the focus of a reality television show, but regardless, there should be a fair share of weirdness occurring in the candy store.

Chumlee took a plea deal in 2016 after multiple guns and drugs found in his Las Vegas home.

Unfortunately Pawn Plaza has not done well, and many of the restaurants have closed.

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