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Robin Leach’s Hakkasan Criminal Investigation Column Deleted by LVRJ

In what I can only call “Attorney Beats Columnist into Submission,” the LVRJ has seemingly deleted an entire column “exposing” the connections of Hakkasan Group to money laundering.

The column alleged that Hakkasan was under current criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice.

Yes, despite a major criminal investigation into the former chairman and major investor, Leach’s column has completely disappeared off the Las Vegas Review Journal’s website, leaving people to believe that enormous pressure was put on their publisher to delete any record of this.  The column, which was HERE, is now completely gone but I was able to pull a copy of it.

Interestingly enough the column fails to mention that Jho Low, one of the billionaires involved with the scandal has been implicated as  being also involved with SBE.

The entire column has been screenshot in fair use, for you perusal. The reasons it was deleted is strange, since most of this information is already known and had been published in one way or another, in major papers and in this publication a year ago.

The most interesting part of the column is the claim that Hakkasan was FORCED to sell their company by MGM who would no longer do business with them: “When you read through all this information, one would logically come to the conclusion that MGM wanted Hakkasan to be merged with another MGM partner not tinged with a Justice Department investigation into money-laundering allegations.”

You can view this on Google Cache, just incase you’re interested.




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