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New Law Might Allow Marijuana Clubs in Vegas, but Feds Might Crack Down.

A bill has passed the Nevada Senate that would allow local governments to issue licenses for clubs and lounges to allow smoking of Marijuana.

The tourist-centric bill was drafted because there is not a current place where people can meet and smoke pot. Under this law, if passed in the Assembly, and signed by the Governor, tourists could purchase an ounce of marijuana and then go to a public space and smoke it. Currently, only smoking in your house is allowed.

“Tourists don’t have a home in Nevada,” state Sen. Tick Segerblom, the bill’s sponsor, said Tuesday, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We’re trying to get $70 million in tax revenue from them. So let’s give them some place to use it.”

Opponents of the bill say the law passed in Nevada allowing smoking of pot, was specifically done in order to allow in private residences. Also, they are considered this law could make Nevada a target of the US Justice Department. Both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and press secretary Sean Spicer have both indicated that there is a desire within the administration to crack down on recreational marijuana in particular.

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