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DUI Ignition Lock Bill Passes Senate for First Time Offenders

Bad news for those who enjoy getting behind the wheel drunk. A bill passed in the Nevada Senate on Friday would require all people arrested for drunken driving to install ignition interlock systems on their vehicles.

Senate Bill 259 is sponsored by Las Vegas Democrats Mark Manendo, and Assemblyman Richard Carrillo and it requires that the devices be installed for at least six months for anyone arrested for impaired driving, which also includes first-time offenders.

The devices are rented, not purchased, and cost about $2.50 a day — $75 a month. The bill would mandate reduction of that monthly fee for those who qualify as low income but need to drive to get to work. It doesn’t say who would pay the difference.

The interlock is a breathalyzer that prevents a vehicle from starting if it detects an alcohol level of 0.02 or greater. That’s one quarter of the legal limit.

Currently, judges can order the ignition interlock devices, but typically they only require them for people arrested with high blood-alcohol levels or repeat offenders.

SB-259 was approved 21-0 on Friday, April 21.

The bill will now move to the State Assembly.

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