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Huge Vegas Cannabis Growing Facility Opens Even Though Still Illegal

Although Nevada has passed marijuana legalization, there is still a huge issue: it’s still illegal under federal law, making any grower of the supply a possible felon who could spend most of their life in prison. Yet, some people are ignoring the law and taking a chance that the DEA or Department of Justice won’t followup and arrest their operations.

Green & Gold Supply Co., a brand-new cannabis cultivation facility, has begun operations in North Las Vegas. The company incorporates the most advanced indoor growing equipment available and will bring 12-15 unique strains to the Nevada market.

Using hydroponic growing methods with state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems, Green & Gold Supply Co. will deliver the highest quality product to medical patients. Its proprietary branded cannabis products will be sold in dispensaries throughout Nevada.

Strains will be brought to market from the best genetics in the world and will be unveiled beginning in the first quarter of 2017. Green & Gold Supply Co. measures in at more than 15,000 square feet and was designed to be more efficient than other growing facilities by its ability to produce 21 percent more cannabis than a typical facility of its size.

“We want to bring the highest quality cannabis to market in Nevada, and operating our own growing facility is the best way to do that,” explained Owner Mitch Britten. “A tremendous amount of tradition and science, as well as respect for proven natural remedies, has informed our operations to date. We remain committed to these standards as we work toward propelling the cannabis industry forward in Nevada and beyond.”

Here’s the problem though: the incoming President has signaled that he may prosecute marijuana under federal law, and his possible Attorney General has made it clear that he hates smokers and the product.

Attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is a fervent foe of marijuana legalization. But if he were confirmed as President-elect Trump’s top law enforcement official, would he really have any power to put his anti-pot views into practice?

One could hardly imagine easier criminal cases for federal prosecutors to make. New York University professor Mark Kleiman points out that “Every legally licensed marijuana seller filled out and signed a form that documents their intent to commit a federal felony.” In addition to arresting the owners and operators of marijuana selling companies, Sessions would have broad power under federal law to seize their assets.

Actual federal prosecutions may not even be necessary: Simply threatening the industry with aggressive enforcement may be sufficient to induce producers and sellers to close up shop and lead investors to direct their money elsewhere.

The Alabama Republican, who declared at an April Senate hearing that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” is one of Congress’s staunchest opponents of legalization.

“This should put the brakes on marijuana investments and further plans to legalize until there is more clarity,” said Kevin Sabet, co-founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, an organization that compiles arguments against legalization. “I’d think marijuana investors — and legalizers — might be rethinking their strategy right now.”


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