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Vegas Attorney Brilliantly Slams Pick-Up Artist Julien Blanc for Advising Sexual Assault on Japanese Women

This is perhaps the best letter I’ve ever seen from an attorney, and frankly is more than a little appropriate considering all the news surrounding Donald Trump. Julien Blanc is a local Las Vegas “expert” in dating (commonly known as a pick up artist) who has been generally panned for his advice to men on how sexually assault women. He’s been BANNED from entering the UK and Australia for being a danger to women.

Of course Julien and his attorney Maurice Pilosof of Hecker Law Group has done all he can to make sure that no one learns about his reported love for sexual assault and has been sending threatening letters to websites for some time trying to get anything down that makes him look bad. In this case he wanted website 8Chan to take down a video that had him talking about  “If you’re a white male (in Tokyo), you can do what you want…head on dick.”

One of these horrible videos shows Blanc assaulting women in Tokyo by pulling their heads to his crotch in public spaces, aggressively grabbing store clerks while a videographer shouts “beautiful, sexy,” and giving an excerpt of his pickup lesson on being a white man in Tokyo.

In response to his legal letters, genius attorney Marc Randazza of Las Vegas sent this brilliant letter, completely slamming both the attorney for a horrendous cease and desist, and their client for advocating sexual assault.

Perhaps the best part is when Randazza replies: “Imagine my delight when I learned that I don’t need to be a billionaire to do whatever the fuck I want.  I’ve had the power to have a consequence free existence all along!  I just had to look inside myself, and see my Caucasian DNA, look inside my pants and see my penis, and just seize it as my birthright (the power, not my penis).  This is embarrassing for me, since I always make fun of people who use the terms “white privilege” or “male privilege.”  But, I’ll take a little embarrassment in exchange for magic white dude power.

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