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Christian Metal Band Stryper to Celebrate 30 Years at Hard Rock Vinyl

Iconic rock band Stryper will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their multi-platinum album To Hell with the Devil this fall with a special appearance at the Hard Rock Vinyl on October 21st, 2016. Featuring all four original members and complete with the original yellow and black costumes, they will blast Las Vegas with their Metal Christian Music. The GRAMMY-nominated To Hell with the Devil is the band’s third studio album and the first Christian metal album to achieve platinum status.

Lead singer and Ted Cruz look-alike Michael Sweet has pushed back against criticism of the rapid-fire pace at which he is releasing new music. He tells in a new interview: “It’s funny, ya know? We keep putting out albums because right now we’re very passionate about it. Right now, those ideas just keep coming and as long as they keep coming, we’ll keep doing it.”

He continued: “I read a moronic statement by someone on Blabbermouth recently that said, ‘What’s the point? Why do they do it? Why do they put out so many albums?’ That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard anybody say. We do it because we love it and we do it because we still enjoy it.

“When I read interviews from bands who make these ridiculously silly comments where they say, ‘It’s not worth it anymore,’ man, you’re in it for the wrong reasons, buddy… What happened to doing it for the love of it and just the sheer passion of it? What happened to that, man? Where is it at? I just don’t understand it.”

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