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UFC’s Nick Diaz Beats Up Hyde Bellagio Guests.

I’m not saying that some people are dumb, but maybe you shouldn’t run your mouth off at the former UFC welterweight. According to friends at Hyde, a celebrating Diaz was drinking a bit too much and accidently bumped into a guest.

Diaz apologized, according to my VIP host, and the four douche bags jumped him at the club.

Hyde security tried to calm it down,  but the fight spilled into the casino where the cowards decided to attack him with chairs and other objects after realizing that even drunk, Diaz was kicking their collective asses.

Security eventually intervened and LVMPD was called.

We recently reported that Bellagio had taken steps to prevent firearms at Hyde, and this shows what that policy by MGM was a great one. Guns and alcohol don’t mix, and can you imagine if these cowards had guns, they would have used them.

Diaz declined to press charges.

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