Yes, You Can Carry a Gun in a Club in Las Vegas

After the shootings in Orlando, there has been a serious question about safety of the clubs in Las Vegas. In looking at the law, I noticed one glaring interesting thing about Nevada Law: It’s perfectly legal to carry a gun into a club or bar. In fact, according to Nevada Law it’s perfectly legal to carry a gun into a club and then drink at the club, as long as you aren’t drunk.

I thought there was some law that made it illegal to go into bars and drink with guns.

Yes, it is perfectly legal to go into a club or bar with a gun, concealed or open according to the law – unless there is a sign posted that prohibits it even if there is a sign that says “no guns!” The Wynn Casinos as of last November started to prohibit guns and use metal detectors, making it clear guns are not allowed.

However, clubs like Hyde at the Bellagio, still allow gun and have no policy against patrons bringing weapons.
My mistake here, they have informed me that they are currently enforcing a no-gun rule and wanding clients as of three months ago.

In fact, you can carry a gun anywhere in the open on your hip in the entire State of Nevada, including, the Las Vegas Strip. Do you need a permit? Nope! You can can carry a gun or even an AR-15 on the strip without a permit.

Turns out that many states actually allow people to carry guns while in bars, while some only allow it in restaurants that serve alcohol.

However, glass bottles ARE banned on the strip, so if you are carrying a gun, drinking, you must use plastic.

What is your opinion of this? Is this a good idea? Will this prevent shootings? Should we be allowing guns in clubs?

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