North Las Vegas Fights Jack in Box Evil

Perhaps scared by his unusually large round shaped head, some residents of North Las Vegas are fighting to keep Jack-in-the-Box from moving into their community. Not happy, they are using everything in their arsenal to prevent ground breaking.

The problem isn’t so much that the neighbors dislike Jack-in-the-Box per se, but that they don’t like the location of the restaurant. Located at the vacant lot on the corner of Centennial and Aliante parkways, it will be lined against the back of several homes and possibly disrupt the peace. Additionally, there will be no other place to leave abandoned tires and couches on that block.

The environmental pollution from this proposed Jack in the Box will cause us to change our entire lifestyle,” said concerned homeowner Don Hooks told 13 “Action Jack” News  “Our livability is affected adversely.”

Residents claim they have been tricked into not contesting the building of the new Jack in the Box Restaurant, because they only received a post card in the mail informing them of the meeting. They said there was nothing on the post card that would catch their attention, except the words informing them of the meeting.

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