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This is the Best Clucking Fried Chicken in Las Vegas

Vegas is not traditionally a chicken city. You never think about people going to Vegas, getting a cigar and a hot waitress, sitting down and eating a chicken after winning the jackpot. Yet, despite that, in the last few years, chicken restaurants have been popping up and more and more restaurants have been concentrating on having amazing chicken dishes, and more importantly, amazing fried chicken dishes.

It didn’t take a lot of pushing to visit all the local friend chicken places in Vegas as recommended by locals, and this is some of the places we’ve enjoyed and discovered that have made our list of the best fried chicken in Las Vegas:

Delicious Honey Drippin' Fried Chicken
Delicious Honey Drippin’ Fried Chicken

Sweetest Fried Chicken
Hearthstone at Redrock Resort and Casino

Recommended to me by Andrew Pittard, as being one of the best fried chicken in Las Vegas, I did not know what to expect. This rustic style restaurant focused on American Comfort food does indeed have an amazing fried chicken dish (enough for two people, should note) that comes with one of the most delicious bacon cheddar biscuits and a fresh apple cabbage slaw. Local honey is “jizzed-over” (as explained by the waiter) the fried chicken giving it a nice flavor profile against the light spiciness of the batter. We even took a video below for the fun of it.

Best Chicken Tenders
Flock and Fowl
380 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

This little establishment with only a half-dozen or so tables has made a big name for itself for it’s amazing organic chicken dishes combined with Hainan Chicken Rice. One of the dishes that comes with the yummy rice is its amazing Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders are the amazingly delicious. My son gets them several times a week and absolutely thinks they are the best tenders in Las Vegas. They are not just amazing for kids, as you’ll see more than a few asian tourists daily gobbling them up. Read a review at

Mochiko Chicken’s Asian-Q Chicken

Best Fried Chicken Bowl
Mochiko Chicken
2101 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Run by the former owners of one of the most popular local food trucks, Mochiko Chicken now serves bowls of chicken with rice and veggies. Their crispy Asian-Q Chicken with rice is absolutely amazing and extremely well priced at only $7.99, making it a better choice than any fast food junk. For only $1.29 more, you can have steamed or fried vegetables. It’s highly rated on Yelp with many reviewers mentioning it’s a regular lunch place for locals.

Best Southern Style Fried Chicken
Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Not much can be said for Yardbird that hasn’t already been said. Yardbird takes everything chicken, bourbon and bacon, and takes it to a new level. From their amazing pressure-fried chicken with a recipe that only the Gods know, to the most amazing southern inspired desserts, this is perhaps a perfect southern style fried chicken restaurant.

Carson Kitchen’s Chicken Skins are Addictive.

Best Soul Chicken
M&M Soul Food
With Two Locations

There’s one universal thing about Soul Food Kitchens in Las Vegas: They have horrible reviews for bad service. M&M is no exception, with pretty bad Yelp reviews, but amazing reviews from the experts and critics who love it with the kool aid and cornbread. It’s partially about the experience, it’s partially about the sides, and a lot about the really good soul-southern fried chicken.

Best Fried Chicken Skins
Carson Kitchen
124 S 6th St #100, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Weekly’s Jim Begley once called this his “favorite part of the chicken.” These fried chicken skins have inspired other restaurants to invent more than a few similar dishes since they became famous a few short years ago.  Perhaps one of the most inspired appetizers in Las Vegas, they are crispy, salty, slightly spiced and served with smoked honey. They are everything you expect from Fried Chicken, if you just want the skins and calories: pure delicious fatty goodness. Read our interview with Chef John Courtney

Blue Ribbon’s Cult Chicken

Best NYC Style Matzo Chicken
Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
1770 Festival Plaza Dr #200, Las Vegas, NV 89135

There’s a cult following for the Bromberg Brother’s crispy-on-the-outside juicy chicken with unique flavor profile of that is like crack to locals. This matzo meal, eggwhite based chicken is definitely a NYC invention, and plays homage to the diverse cultures by offering side sauce options of wildflower, chipotle and wasabi honey flavors. The same chicken is served at Brooklyn Bowl, also owned by the Bromberg Brothers, where you can enjoy them almost the same but with a side of music and bowling.

Chicken from Hearthstone.

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