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Jewel Nightclub will be Perfect for Aria

Jewel_Nightclub.0.0After buying Light Group, Hakkasan was stuck with an interesting choice of what to do with the Haze location in Aria. While one of the most interesting nightclubs in Vegas, with a beautiful design and amazing staff, it never really gained traction, partially because of the uncertainty about Aria and the entire City Center project for many years. However, with new restaurants, the future of Aria looking amazing with the addition of several new awesome restaurants, Jewel fits perfectly into the new vision.

Set to open in May, Jewel Las Vegas is going to be 24,000 feet of excellence, able to make almost 2,000 guests happy at once. While it’s not anywhere the size of the other Hakkasan clubs in Vegas, it’s definitely going to be a “jewel” in their vegas empire and for Aria. It’s going to be in direct competition with Wynn’s intrigue, as an “intimate, elegant feel” that is focused on VIP service over having large crowd take over the club.

Susan Stapleton of Eater Las Vegas described the VIP experience perfectly as such:

A staircase with LED screens leads guests to the mezzanine level with its own bar, dance floor and five themed VIP skybox suites dubbed The Blind Tiger, The Studio, The G.O.A.T., The Prestige and The Gallery. Each has its own entrance.

The Blind Tiger is designed like a speakeasy with a secret doorway disguised as an armoire leading to a space filled with dark wood walls. The Studio features velvet-lined walls, vintage album covers and an artist-commissioned mural.

The décor will be a perfect match to Aria, both modern, luxurious and super sexy. Unlike the younger crowds in Cosmopolitan, the Aria is focused on more affluent people who aren’t necessarily looking to be seen or have their photos taken and put all over the internet. Aria has created this extremely high class feel with the addition of several restaurants including Herringbone and Bardot.


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