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Calvin Harris to Return to Hakkasan after Car Crash

Calvin Harris, known mainly for being a DJ and having the balls to date Taylor Swift, has announced that he will be returning to Hakkasan on Thursday, May 16th after suffering a minor car crash in Beverly Hills.

He has not been working Omnia and Hakkasan since the accident, having suffered a minor “cut on his nose” that required him to “rest up.” There is no word if he cried or not.

Harris, whose really name is Adam Wiles, said he was in “in shock” after the SUV he was being driven in collided with a car.

The other driver was a teenage girl who “wanted to be closer to Calvin Harris,” so ejected herself from her Volkswagen Beetle, and broke her pelvis. Harris has no comments about the young lady, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

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