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Buy Your Own Town Near Las Vegas

It has gambling, it’s own fire station and even a post office and you can buy the town of Cal-Nev-Ari for the grand total of $8 million. Only about an hour south of Las Vegas, this town has been put on sale by Nancy Kidwell. She and her first husband, Slim, named the town for the three states that intersect nearby (California, Nevada and Arizona).

About 375 people live in the town that sports a 10-unit hotel with, a general store, a laundromat and community centre. There is even a fire station.

Among the residents is 12-year-old Trace Madsen. Talking about the town, he said, “it may look bland and boring, but it’s pretty cool.”

maxresdefaultMs Kidwell and her first husband had got 640 acres and a World War II dirt airstrip from the federal government at no charge in the 1960s.

Ms Kidwell does everything in Cal-Nev-Ari, from ordering the beef patties for the cafe, to opening up the post office, and hiring the bartenders for the 24-hour saloon.

For 51 years, Ms Kidwell has ruled the roost in the town. “Go up and check the water tank every day, make sure it’s full, before I come to the casino,” she said.

Asked why she does not have people for that, Ms Kidwell said, “I wouldn’t trust them. I have to see it for myself because I know the system.”

But now at 78-years-old with no children or surviving spouse, Ms Kidwell grudgingly admitted time has the upper hand.

“I’m selling it because I’m not getting any younger,” Ms Kidwell was quoted as saying.

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