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How to Work with Local Vegas Blogs: VegasSeven vs.

If you’re a local business in Vegas trying to promote yourself using some of the local publications and blogs, you’re not going to find a lot of information about those sites and their distribution. Most blogs don’t have third party research, and many of them just blatantly lie about their size and traffic. However, one of our sister publications Performance Marketing Insider has access to data about different sites, and we’ve decided to examine these sites, their traffic and their reach using third party tools. Hopefully this will allow more people to make educated decisions about where to promote their products, where to buy advertising and what audiences’ different sites in Las Vegas reach.


Est 64-74,000 visitors a month
1.69 Page Views per Visitors
Traffic Sources: Search 46.4%, Social 28.9%, Links 6.5%, Direct: 18.3%
Estimated Social Reach Twitter+Facebook: 150,000 uniques
Demographics: More Males than Females. More Likely to Have a Graduate Degree. Browse almost all from Work. 35-44 is largest age group with 45-54 second largest age goup. $100k+ income. Almost all Caucasian. Almost all no children.

Owned by Wendoh Media, this online and offline magazine is the go-to place about what is going on in Las Vegas. Its glossiness is both captured both online and offline, and most of the publication is local fluff pieces that cover everything from restaurants to rock concerts and everything in between. Edited by local writer Xania Woodman and with legendary food writer Al Mancini, it’s one of Vegas’ most popular local free bar & grocery store magazines.
Contact for Advertising: (702) 798-7000


Est. 65-75,000 visitors a month
1.3 Page Views per Visitor Traffic Sources:
Search 32.33%, Social 12.67%, Links 8%, Direct 47%
Estimated Social Reach Facebook+Twitter: 35,000 uniques
Demographics: More Females than Males. More Likely to Have a Degree or Graduate Degree. Mainly browse at home, but also at work. 35-44 is largest age group with 25-34 second largest age group. Almost no penetration 45+. 30-60k average income. Almost all Caucasian with a small Asian audience. Almost all no Children.

Owned and run by local downtown guy Scott Roeben, this originally functioned as his personal blog and has become one of the top Vegas buzz sites to learn about everything and anything. More recently his celebrated podcast has helped skyrocked his ranking on the internet almost 33% higher in only a few months and bring tons of new visitors and readers.
Contact for Advertising:

Take-away: VegasSeven is an older, more affluent audience with more disposable income, but probably less open to new ideas and new products. Most seem to be single white men who are searching for topics, or click on links that are shared with them by friends. Means they are probably more likely to be influenced by others. on the other hand is a more hip, downtown audience of people, younger but less affluent. The direct traffic shows that the people are more likely to be connected to the brand of VitalVegas and use it as their homepage. Probably younger, more independent thinkers who depend on blogs and rumors to make decisions than direct sales and branding.

Traffic and Demographics are estimates based on third party data and personal expertise and interpretation.

PaceVegas is the Publication of Everything About Las Vegas. Known for it's hard hitting exposes of crimes, the underworld and everything interesting about Vegas, it's won numerous awards from those who are scared to actually read the stories.


  1. Funny your opinion is Vegas Seven writes “fluff” pieces considering they’ve won numerous Nevada Press Association Awards. Also awards from Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Association.

    Guess both groups of experts are wrong? Love to know where you’re pulling your so called “3rd party data.”

    • Fluff isn’t a negative connotation, but thanks for the defense where it wasn’t needed. Vegas Seven is a great feature magazine that serves its affluent audience perfectly. Third party sources include data sampling by Amazon and ComScore.

      The purpose of article is to give audience sampling for making pr and marketing decisions.

      Fluff is yummy.

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