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Vegas Mags: Whose is Bigger? LVWeekly vs. VegasSeven vs. VegasEater

Las Vegas companies sometimes seem to be lost on social media. Despite it being mature, Facebook being around for over a decade and even your grandmother messaging you about your inappropriate comments, lots of companies in public relations and marketing aren’t even aware of how to use social media and what the reach is. Unfortunately this leads to even the most seasoned professional getting a poor idea of what is available to buy media with, what companies to work with, and where to push stories.

We’ve done some of the heavy leg work for you, and decided to take a quick look at the social media reach of three companies and what they are doing. We added some other sites including the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and my own page, Las Vegas in Fabulous. Here’s some basics of what we found based on the stats for the companies in the past week, on Facebook alone.

Chart 1: Comparison of Major Vegas Sites. Source: Facebook
Chart 1: Comparison of Major Vegas Sites. Source: Facebook

Las Vegas Weekly has the top amount of likes, but their engagement is very low compared to the rest of the sites. The Las Vegas Review Journal is definitely the King of Local engagement, with posts regularly getting thousands of shares locally. As the top influencer in Vegas, nothing comes close to the LVRJ in engagement and reach. They are the company to look at for content marketing, and see how they do it, and you’ll learn how you should do it.

Las Vegas Weekly has done a decent job of engagement, but they still don’t compare to the amazing reach and engagement of the LVRJ which knows it’s audience perfectly.

VegasSeven has done an “OK” job of reaching people, but their shares are usually limited to under 50 an article. They still generate good traffic to their articles via social media, but it could be a lot better with a good social media team. We analyzed their traffic a bit a few weeks ago and found their search game is rocking with the biggest source of traffic coming from Google. They really need to hire a social media expert to show how to get engagement and grow their company and brand (I know someone)

Eater Las Vegas rounds out the bottom with only 11.6K likes and an extremely limited reach weekly of less than 1000 people a week. This is probably because they don’t have a local social media team and expect the “editors” of each site to do their own social media. Too bad, because there is always good content on this site that is barely shared. It’s a shame because there is always good, well written unique content on the site, which needs more social media reach.

Yes, my own project has amazing engagement, but that’s because I have a team of social media experts and myself who work on these and other clients accounts, analyzing the data, and knowing our audiences. It’s KEY to having good social media reach and helping your advertisers and your own personal brand.

VegasSeven: 37 Shares | LV Weekly: 423 Shares | EaterLV: 48 Shares


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