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Victor Drai: People Sick of Vegas DJs

According to, DJs are fast on the way out in Las Vegas. The scathing article published on March 22nd, claims that most new venues will be snubbing DJs and instead looking at creating new experiences.  They give as an example the new nightclub at Wynn, Intrigue which, according to the Chief Operating Officer of the Wynn, Sean Christie is the “opposite of a big DJ-Driven Club.”

However the real story is the quote from Victor Drai, who basically has completely dismissed DJs in the industry by saying:

People are sick of the DJs in Vegas. It’s ridiculous to have the same five or six guys, pay them a fortune and lose money. It will reach a point where DJs are totally irrelevant.

This is pretty monumental, especially when you consider that Victor Drai just opened a mega night and day club, Drais less than two years ago. I’m curious what his investors think of his prediction?

Drai however isn’t the only person. Jon Taffer of “Bar Rescue” fame also agrees that the time is up for the Vegas Nightclub scene.

He was predicting the demise of Vegas clubs over two years ago. According to Taffer, “Eight of 10 people who come to our convention want to go to a bar more than a nightclub. They’re over 35. They don’t want to hear thumping all night long. Conventioneers want to sit in a bar, socialize, network.”

“There’s a concern in the general industry about, ‘What happens when the DJ thing really starts to turn?’ It seems to be flattening a little. I mean, how many times are people gonna come see Tiesto? How many times are you going to drive here for that?”

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  1. I can’t say I am surprised by it. Seems like the winds of change are a blowing. Personally, I always thought there was an expiration date on big name DJs. T o me it just is not sustainable over the long term. Mind you I am no expert on the matter, just IMHO.

  2. it doesn’t matter who you book in Vegas if you have the same shitty security and the same type of bs that comes with Vegas. How about the time they didn’t let anyone into an oversold dirtybird party at Drai’s? and the douche security just let people who had paid for tickets just stand in line without informing them what was going on. Vegas sucks for clubbing, always has, always will.

  3. Because these clowns are no talent fuckwad hacks that press play on an ipad full of shitty music that no one likes and no one wnats to hear unless theyve done way too much mdma

  4. Bring back live bands. Put a 60-piece orchestra in every casino/hotel on the Strip. Live music 24/7 please. It’s the real deal.

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