Johnny Manziel Back in Vegas Partying

Not terribly good news for Johnny Manziel who can’t seem to keep himself out of Las Vegas. Despite hiring agent Drew Rosenhaus to get more teams interested in him, he seems to be doing everything possible to show he isn’t interested in actually taking it seriously, if a photo from Celebrity Chef Mario Batali says anything.

Yes, according to a photo posted on Instagram Saturday Night / Early Sunday Morning, Batali was out partying with Manziel in Las Vegas early into the night. The photo posted in a Las Vegas club shows Batali with Manziel, where Manziel says “turns out Johnny Manziel is pretty pretty cool! and his mgmt!!”

manziel-vegasConsidering that many teams have said they MIGHT be interested in Manziel if he sobers up, this isn’t good timing for the former NFL player. If he ever wants to get back playing, he needs to take this a lot more seriously and pretend that he actually wants to have a career.

This comes less than a month when he was heavily criticized for being in Vegas and heavily drinking.

Many Batali fans on his Instagram didn’t take kindly to him posting photos with Manziel:

  • tigalleyUgh, really Mario? This guy is a shithead who hits his girlfriends… Can’t believe you posted this. I’m a big fan, but you really need to think a bit before you post garbage like this….
  • elliemaymoNo, I disagree, Mario. He’s an embarrassment to Texas and definitely not cool. Nope.
  • osgirl34Chef, please do not promote domestic violence. That is what you are doing by giving this idiot the time of day.

Of course, Batali wasn’t making any statements about that, just hanging out in a club with someone who probably was a fan. Batali is considered a “good buy” amongst chefs and has shown his support for both LGBTG rights and women rights both in the workplace, kitchen and in life.

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