New Timeline in Vegas Massacre Raises Questions about Mandalay Bay Response and Liability

According to a new timeline provided by Las Vegas Metro Police, Mandalay Bay Security officer Jesus Campos, was shot by Paddock anywhere from six to twelve minutes before he began shooting into a crowd of 22,000 people enjoying the country music festival.

Metro Sheriff Joe Lombardo said that the security officer was responding to an alarm in a hotel room, when he heard drilling – and the shooter Stephen Paddock fired 200 shots into the hallway hitting the security officer.

At that point, something happened between Mandalay Bay security and Las Vegas Metro Police Department that caused a delay in response. Then afterwards, it was a full six to twelve minutes before he opened fire on the crowd across the street.

One attorney with the City of Las Vegas commented, that “like always, the casino wanted to keep in under wraps. I’m sure they called Metro right away, but they sure didn’t want anyone knowing about it if it could be kept “within the hotel”. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) at the big hotels. Heaven forbid anyone knows what really goes on inside them….as it might hurt their next 700 room convention booking.”

Although Campos alerted hotel security, Lombardo said police were not aware of the incident until they stormed Paddock’s room ten minutes later.

Police were instead alerted to Paddock’s location by alarms set off by gun smoke. Vegas police say they are still unsure of exactly what caused Paddock, who killed himself before the SWAT team entered the room, to stop shooting at the crowd.

This new timeline and story raises questions about if Mandalay Bay Security/MGM informed LVMPD about the shooting in time, and if they had sent armed officers, if they could have prevented the massacre. Worse, if the story about Mandalay Bay from the City Counsel is correct, then the Casinos are purposely hiding violent crimes to cover up?

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