Are Vegas Schools a Haven for Pedophiles? Fox5 Investigates

We’ve done a bunch of stories, seemingly week after week about arrests in Las Vegas Schools – and many administrators have not been happy with our coverage of perverts in the Clark County School District. There’s been also a lot of angry comments, perhaps warranted in some cases, on Facebook that claim that this makes all teachers look bad.

The concerns grow as now 11 employees have been arrested since July, and seemingly the CCSD has no plan in place to really prevent this.

However, the problem keeps occurring, in one case a parent found within weeks that his two kids had been inappropriately touched in two different situations. Chad Jensen, had to find out that his 13-year old daughter had been touched by a teacher in a sexual manner, only to find a another teacher, with a history of being a pervert was touching his 11-year old.

Here at PaceVegas we consider this to be an issue: CCSD has refused to really address the issue except one public forum recently. They do not have expert investigators who interview potential teachers, they do not have a team that is trained in crimes against children. This writer is a former “Crimes against Children” investigator, who worked in a Secret Service Task Force and with the Kings County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Children. Despite that, the CCSD and my kid’s own school has refused to meet with me to learn about what they can do better.

I am  are proud to say that the media locally has also taken this seriously, especially Fox5 who will be coming out with a report this Monday. This is a serious issue and will not go away as long as the CCSD refuses to take it as serious as parents and quality educators who are speaking out. I do not blame the teachers, most who are working extremely hard daily, but the Administrators who are seemingly rewarded for doing as little as possible and ignoring the problems in their own schools.

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