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OJ Simpson Exposed to Covid19 at Jing Restaurant in Las Vegas

Breaking the Law: Jing’s PR Company “Ava Rose” threw a party with the Housewives of OC and OJ Simpson — exposing hundreds of people.

A restaurant that has come under fire for ignoring social distancing mandates and has been holding parties for celebrities through it’s PR company “Ava Rose” had a surprise this week when their staff started testing positive for Covid19.

In response to the positive tests, Jing Las Vegas will be closing on Monday, June 22, and will be treating the day as a “wellness day.”

According to them, the day will consist of staff training and updating COVID-19 procedures, including:

Implementing additional signage
Spacing out tables and chairs even further
Providing complimentary masks upon entry
Requiring a digital temperature check for all staff and patrons
Installing additional hand sanitizer dispensers
Requiring the entire staff to undergo testing
Employees who test positive will be required to quarantine for at least 14 days.

Perhaps they should just shut down — since they don’t really seem to want to follow the rules?


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