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Advantages of Betting Online – Now More than Ever!

COVID-19 and the Virtual World

You can’t go anywhere in most states during this global pandemic and sports betting has been relegated to wagering on obscure teams in exotic locations. Forget about betting at sportsbooks because they’re all shut down and locked-up tight. The most avid bettors can do is choose the safest online sportsbooks according to SBR  and find the latest odds on sports simulations, Korean basketball, soccer in Belarus, or even a League of Legends tournament.

The situation is dire but it’s not terminal. Sports will be back and so will betting on them but it’s allowed many traditional bricks and mortars sports gamblers to choose a different avenue. A virtual path to fill the void of having a little action on something – anything! And that’s not a bad thing because those who have educated themselves about online sportsbooks understand they are definitely not all created equal and it’s of paramount importance that when you win, you get paid.

And while neophytes might believe that making a withdrawal at a sportsbook is as easy as making one at their local bank, nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t take advice from a buddy who doesn’t want to tell you he never cashed out of his book (because he never wins), therefore, he wouldn’t know if they are as efficient at sending his money as they are at taking it. Do your homework and get educated. Now here are some very good reasons to start betting online.


Let’s face it, most of us choose a local bank because it’s, you know, local. Those who use big banks choose them because they have a branch that is close to home or work. It’s all about convenience and the same could be said of online betting. What’s more convenient than staying home or using a mobile device to place a bet. Everywhere you are, so is your ability to wager on the game of your choice. You can’t drive to a sportsbook and make a bet in your underwear – although it’s quite likely it’s happened in Vegas – but why drive at all? Stay home or bet on the go, there’s nothing easier than that.

Get the Best Line

Even the causal bettor should know that getting the sharpest number can be the difference between winning and losing. Imagine finally make your way to the cashier only to find the odds have changed adversely while you were waiting in line, it’s more than a bit frustrating. Seasoned bettors know they should simply pass the game and walk away but most of us will lay the bad number and curse at the television after realizing our thirst for action cost us in our wallets.

There is no waiting when betting online. But more than that, you can have accounts at several different online shops and choose the best line instead of being relegated to taking whatever number the bookmaker gives you.

Betting Options & Bonuses

Sports bettors will find the traditional point spreads and money lines at online shops that they will find at any land-based book. But there’s so much more! There are props galore, adjusted lines, futures odds, and bets aplenty. If you’ve thought about it, chances are the online oddsmakers have thought about it too and you can get down even when the game is in play. Live betting has become all the rage but try to do that at your local hotel and casino – not going to happen.

Let’s not forget the plethora of bonuses that online sportsbooks routinely dispense to attract customers. We’re not talking a $5 coupon at the food court like the traditional bricks and mortar establishments but bonuses that will often match the size of your deposit. Loyalty bonuses are also a big part of their marketing budgets so that your money stays in their house.

Choose the Best Online Sportsbooks

There is a resource to consider when deciding which one, or ones, of the hundreds upon hundreds of online sportsbooks to choose. If you want to get educated then cruise on over to the sports betting industry’s watchdog, Sportsbook Review, aka SBR. Here you will find a rating system from A+ to F on all of the known online books. These ratings are rendered based on customer service, betting options, ease of navigability, dashboard aesthetics, and most importantly, timely payouts.

Don’t make a move until you do your research and get educated about where you will be depositing. It’s one thing to sweat the game – but never the payout!





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