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Kitchen Table Squared Owes Taxes and Employees, May Shut Down

We’ve learned from a former employee and confirmed from another local expert that Kitchen Table Squared is in deep financial trouble, and that the Chef Javier Chavez is considering closing his failure of a restaurant.

The employee said she had not been paid her tips in forever, and provided a video of her encounter recorded on her phone as proof.

In the hidden video,  the Chef/Owner admits he took as much as $600,000 from the State of Nevada from the sales tax till, which is required by law to be turned over immediately — but  has been able to pay off some from loans from his millionaire mother, who “very very angry at him” for wasting it on “partying.” 

Another source said that he had spoken to the Chef, who admitted to him that he wants to shut down the restaurant.

While this restaurant seems to be a bomb, his original restaurant in Henderson still seems to be doing amazing and is still very much popular. 

We called the restaurant twice for comment, and was unable to get comment before publishing, and their PR Agency refused comment.

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