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Beauty Bar Las Vegas Closed Forever

Beauty Bar Las Vegas is gone forever after numerous complaints from patrons, other business owners about everything from employees selling drugs to people having sex in the bathrooms.

The owner, Roxie Amoroso didn’t have much to say, claiming that she thought she had actually sold the bar to someone else for $100k, but instead found out she was being evicted.

(Her story doesn’t make a lot of sense)

As usual, Ms. Amoroso was clueless about what was going on, marking her two year ownership as nothing but a complete disaster.

However, that wasn’t all her problems: The city council by a 5-0 vote, revoked the alcohol license, leaving them with no way to even serve drinks. So, even if she wins the eviction, she’s not really in a place where she can actually run a business.

Much of the blame has to go to Ms. Amoroso who refused to actually live in Las Vegas after buying the bar, and ran it as her own personal money pit while hiring less-than-savory friends to run the place and seemingly, according to LVMPD, deal drugs in it.

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